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‘I found that the tapping technique worked really well for my migraines. I have not had a migraine now since that session. I also found it very interesting how I could get to the route of the problem and was amazed to find it came from childhood trauma. Dealing with my emotions about that and tapping through them was such an instant release and I felt liberated. Now, as soon as I feel a migraine is on its way I remember the source and I start to tap and it ALWAYS goes away.

Lucia was very professional 5/5. She was easy to talk to and I felt very relaxed.
I would definitely recommend her work to others, another 5/5.
As you can see by my comment the session was extremely beneficial to me so another 5/5.’



‘I would recommend Lucia, it is clear she knows her stuff. I am really glad I have learnt tapping skills as when I am feeling out of control with anxiety or physical pain I revert to back to it and it is an instant form of relief.’

Thank you 🙏. I feel I am making such good progress working with you. My emotional state when it comes to certain areas of my being was holding me back and actually through these sessions it is really addressing these deep-seated feelings of disempowerment and victimization. Am feeling stronger and more emotionally healthy and well as a result. Would like another session in around a week if that’s ok.
And u v good at this work. Amazing in fact. I don’t think I could work with anyone better.
Been sleeping better and waking up feeling clearer as a result of the sessions. Can’t wait for my next week, exactly what I need. Feel like boulders of stuck emotional energy that have been there for most of my life being dissolved away.’

‘I found that after the sessions I would feel much clearer and lighter. And others would comment on how much more calm I was. It was like having a large weight lifted.

I feel that what I want to achieve ends up uncovering what I actually need to work on, and although it isn’t always what I wanted to be thinking about, I understood that the issues arising were important to clear.

EFT is a powerful tool and one which I would absolutely recommend. Lucia is an excellent coach, leading me and guiding me through the techniques and responses.’



‘The two most marked changes I have had since my tapping sessions with you, Lucia, are, in my reaction to the weekly results of my blood tests. I feel now my blood platelets are just a number.I don’t feel any emotional attachment of ‘needing’ them to go up. Also I had a discussion with the consultant last week and again I didn’t have any of the ‘naughty school boy haven’t done your homework’ feeling. That is such a big step forward for me. I know the platelet situation hasn’t changed yet but I am also 100% confident it will. I feel so much less emotional attachment to my whole health story and am much better at savouring the good parts of my health.

I think our sessions together were very good value.I have confidence about my health situation and now I am much less emotionally tied to it. This is allowing me to get on with my life.’

‘I worked with Lucia using EFT for many sessions. As a certified practitioner myself I know the importance & benefits of working through your mindset blocks and limiting beliefs and when I’m facing an issue I know I can always go to Lucia to work through it in a deep and systematic way.
I can highly recommend her as a practitioner- not only is she caring, with a sense of humor and makes you feel at ease during the session but I also really appreciate that she works in a very methodological & thorough style so you can be sure that you tackled the issue completely.
If you have an opportunity to work with Lucia I can really recommend her!.’

Disclaimer: Lucia Franziska makes no claims, promises, or guarantees and does not diagnoses or treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.



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